What’s new in WebConsole 1.1.0

Yesterday we released new version of our great ASP.NET applications monitor and logger – WebConsole . This release has been marked with version 1.1.0. It contains few quite important enhancements and brand new forms based authentication for those of you who want to use WebConsole without dependency on Windows authentication mechanisms.

Forms Authentication

The biggest and the most important feature introduced in this version is forms based authentication. It allows to secure WebConsole and limit access to it only for a selected set of users without dependency on Windows or Active Directory accounts and groups. Forms authentication has been added as a solution for those clients who would like to use our tool in Internet scenarios or cannot rely on operating system features. Introduced solution is straightforward and similar to what can be found in other web application.

All parts of the application can be accessed only after successful sign in. The Sing In form is presented below.

Sign In

Authenticated user (successfully signed in) can access options related to the account by hovering mouse pointer on Account Menu available in right, top corner of the window.

Account Menu

Account Menu allows to sign out or change password. View for change password has been presented below.

Change Password

Users Management

WebConsole 1.1.0 has been also extended with new Users module for accounts management. It is available only for administrators and enabled in forms authentication mode. This module has been created with simplicity in mind and provides basic management tasks.

Screenshot below presents Users module with a list of users. Administrator can list, add, edit or delete user’s account.

Registered Users

Add New User

Users module allows also to change password orĀ grant/revoke administrator privileges.

Edit User Data

Enhanced Security

Enhancements in security are not limited to forms authentication. We also introduced many changes protecting application behind the scene limiting access to the internals not matter if Windows or forms authentication is enabled.

New administrator role works with both authentication modes and will be used across the application to limit access to more sensitive parts of it.

Do you need more information? Visit WebConsole’s home page.

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