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Hi. I’m Marcin Obel, founder at

My main goal at is to help small organizations with setting up their own, affordable IT services in Poland. My experience shows that many companies don’t realize the power of micro outsourcing. They don’t know how to find skilled IT specialists who would agree to work part-time or on a task basis, providing ad-hoc help. This is the area where I can help. Do you think about some custom software which could help running your business? Maybe you have some servers/websites which require maintenance or administration? Just contact me and describe your problem. I’m pretty sure we’ll find a solution.

How does it work? It’s extremely simple.

  1. Catch me on Skype, send me an email or just call me.
  2. Describe your problem.
  3. Let me propose a solution or guide what to do next. IT’S FREE

Who am I?

I'm an experienced software developer and leader. I have over 14 years of experience in building variety of systems and applications. Software development is my passion. I was responsible for building web, desktop, mobile applications and big server side, enterprise class systems. All of that using many different technologies like .NET, PHP, Node.js and Objective-C.

My experience isn't limited to the technology. I have practical knowledge of technical projects management, Agile methodologies and leadership skills.